I hate J.S. Trevino because he is the unrequited love of my life. I never moved beyond the playground style of wooing, and when I insult someone to no end, it is only because I secretly love them.  I have been bitterly disappointed by my Twitter paramours J.S. Trevino and Lee Stranahan, because neither one could discern my true (and quite obvious) intentions.

Lee was an erotic photographer before he became a former leftist, and I was hoping he would take erotic photographs of me that Mike Stack could then moderate the comments on on his porn site.  That is not going to happen now, and I can only blame the leftist in Lee for choosing his wife and seven kids over me.

He is clearly a leftist for not wanting a piece of this.

I hate Jay Batman because he didn’t stop talking to Lee when I told him to stop talking to Lee. Because of this, I re-tweeted a false accusation of plagiarism by Michelle to let him know that I meant business about controlling the people he communicated with online.  It did not work, so I sent Patrick to accuse him of mis-representing Nancy Nogg’s true state on Twitter, because he should have reported on Nancy Nogg for hiring a band of Australian hackers to harass Tea Party supporters on Twitter. Wait. Actually, I am wrong about that. Nancy Nogg had nothing to do with that, and it would probably be irrelevant to report on her.

But still, because Jay Batman did not do what I wanted him to do, and I am his Lord and Master as the owner of The Benches and the one true right wing voice of Twitter, he will suffer greatly for his impudence.  I will impugn his reputation to no end from here on out.  I will sic the Jester on his site Screed of Momus for a black hat hacking job, because Jester the hacker is my friend and loyal vassal and he does what I say.  Fear me.

Ali Ackbar is someone I hate because he didn’t agree with my insulting people on Twitter and calling them names like cocksucker.  This is America. I have free speech. The whole point of free speech is to be able to defame and insult people in the most juvenile manner imaginable.  It’s the free market, man.

Ali is probably a communist.

I will keep up the fight against the Left from The Benches, and I will only care about my own personality and the control I can exert over others and who they associate with to demonstrate their slavish loyalty to me.