When confronted with a bully, the answer is not appeasement or to plead for civility.  It is simply to confront him with overwhelming force and aggression. This site was designed to do just that. In the past, I have made the mistake of showing restraint when someone on my own side uses the cover of our supposedly mutual beliefs to justify sniping at me and others.  I will not make that mistake again.

So far, I’ve been associated with three separate bullies. Brett Warren, aka @solaar on Twitter, came out on the losing end of our encounter. He was reduced to apologizing to Greg W. Howard by the end of the night and changing his profile photo to LEAVE ME ALONE in big red letters.

Neal Rauhauser’s attempt to malign me with my law school failed utterly. He’s now facing the prospect of warrants and an arrest for his $34,000 in unpaid child support and interest.  When all is said and done, Neal is going to go to jail, and the path will be cleared to make inroads into finding out who funded him, who gave him marching orders, and to what end they were working.

And now Brooks Bayne, the founder of the Trenches, has little if any credibility left with anyone after his conduct over the past two weeks on Twitter.  It is absolutely clear to anyone who watched his admissions last night that he lied about having emails implicating Breitbart writer Mandy Nagy in collusion with Neal Rauhauser.  He admitted as much, although his explanation was that his insinuations were disinformation. Since he tweeted that accusation publicly, he was engaged in a disinformation campaign of everyone who followed him in addition to me. I don’t really believe it was a disinformation campaign.  I believe Brooks is an ordinary liar and a mediocre writer.

He’s alienated anyone who might have come to his defense by attacking various people on Twitter, including Ali Akbar, Lee Stranahan, and countless others.  This is what happens to you when you lie.  This is what happens to you when you those you claim as your own as if they are not even worthy of basic human respect and courtesy.

The answer to such conduct is unyielding resolve and a determination to utterly destroy the person employing such methods.  Their reputation, their credibility, their methods, everything associated with them, all of it should be ripped apart and subjected to a ruthless truth campaign.  They don’t deserve mercy, because they showed no mercy when they falsely assailed their targets. Loyalty to conservatism, or libertarianism, or the mutual causes we claim cannot serve a shield to immunize them from culpability for their actions.

If anything, we must be more determined to stand up to our own when they lapse into such conduct than we are with the Left, because their actions can be used to discredit whatever it is we’re attempting to do. Those who claim the cause we share in order to justify their inexcusable conduct must be dealt with quickly, discredited, and quarantined.   We don’t have to be unethical.  All we have to do is use their own words or conduct to completely discredit them.

When you see one of our own engaged in online conduct that is unacceptable and a bad testament for our side, identify their conduct.  Alert others. Organize. Accrue the information necessary to deter them, and even to discredit them.  And then proceed to confront them with others.  If they won’t stop, proceed to to absolutely discredit them with their own behavior and actions.

The use of vulgarity like “cocksucker” and the sexually explicit language used to denigrate opponents by people like Brooks simply has no place on this side of the line.  It’s expected of the Left.  The last thing we wish to do is resemble those people.  We certainly owe no duty of loyalty to those who claim our side but cause it to lose credibility by engaging in such conduct online.

The time has come for all of us to set aside this false notion of loyalty we feel when one of our own starts to act like this.  They betray the interests we work to uphold when they use this language and these tactics.  The world we are working to establish, and the online culture we defend, are incompatible with the methods of the Left.  The ends do not justify the means, and we cannot afford to have people who believe that this is the case representing us online.  We are different, and we are better than the Left, and our reputation is everything when it comes to the credibility of what we uncover as regards Brett Kimberlin and Neal Rauhauser.  Do not give the Left ammunition in the form of threatening tweets, or by utilizing illegal tactics like hacking computers and email accounts.

We would be no better than they are if we allowed this to go on without opposing it because those responsible are ostensibly working for the goal we seek to achieve.  Our commitment is not to personalities, it is to uncovering the truth in a legal, decent, orderly, and ethical manner. When personalities emerge to erode that commitment by putting themselves above the commitment to take shortcuts, we owe them nothing.  They have betrayed the common values we share, and the integrity we defend.  When they attack our own kind, we cannot stand by and allow it to continue uncontested.  Take them out without hesitation or restraint.

As for the rest of you, take note.  Three times I’ve dealt with this.  And three times I’ve come out of it better for having been ethical and smart. Tell the truth. Do not harm to those who have not harmed you, and protect them and their confidentiality.  Be fair, even to your enemies on the Left.  Document the evidence for what you say, and have a reasonable basis for saying it if you don’t have out and out proof.  You will be tempted by your enemies, and sometimes by your friends, to engage in tactics that illegal and unethical to get to the destination you seek. If you do so, you will discredit and poison whatever information you uncover.  Do not give the Left the ammunition to change the narrative with the methods you employ.

Defend your own kind, and even your enemies if they are attacked with lies and unfounded insinuations.  Do not lose sight of the values instilled in you by your elders, because they define who you are and will serve to demonstrate the integrity of your efforts and the truth of your conclusions. One compromise of those values is all it takes to undo an entire reputation.  A bad reputation can undo a credible conclusion or result.

Defend the reputation of your effort and those associated with it from those within our ranks whose actions serve to discredit everything we do.  Go after those people, and fight them everywhere you meet them until they are discredited.  A reputation is worth fighting for, because the integrity of everything you find or document depends on that reputation.

Some of you might still disagree with what I did to Brooks, but the fact remains that Brooks can no longer be seen as a representative of anyone but Brooks at this point.  That is the point of everything I did.

I told the truth about his sloppy reporting, unethical methodology, and willingness to engage in abusive, threatening, and harassing rhetoric.  And the truth is always sufficient, so lying is unnecessary.

Never lose sight of that.  The truth is always sufficient.  Good luck, and goodbye.

Brooks Drayne

This site will stay up as a memorialization of Brooks’s conduct.  Remember it.