Oh. my. god. If you constantly attack people on Twitter, and you tweet rude shit to them over and over and over again, they can hit this button marked “Spam,” and if enough people get tired of your asshole attitude, you will be temporarily denied tweeting abilities. #Federalistechochamber opposes this, because we believe we should be able to just act like dicks all the time to whomever, and they should have to take it. 

But in the event that one person gets together a bunch of sock accounts-something we would NEVER do ourselves-we at The Benches will be on the front lines exposing their accounts.  Because this is BIG news. It’s so enormous that we don’t need to write about anything else, like the tendency of Leftists to blow people up.  I mean, David Ayers, Brett Kimberlin, and organizations like the Weather Underground, these guys pale in comparison to the real evildoers like RJSt#rl1ng and his friends.  

In the event that we wind up having our tweeting abilities stripped from us by their concerted efforts to malign us as spammers when we dick around with them in Twitter wars, we will say that we have been placed in the Twitter Gulag, because our plight is comparable to that of Soviet dissidents who actually lost their goddamned freedom.  Wait. 

This is a list of the Twitter accounts used by RJ Sterling: 














You’re welcome for the groundbreaking reporting.  Like, totally.  Now we will impugn RJ’s ability to get laid by posting photos he took with his phone like the one below. 



Holy shit. We at The Benches are doing heroic battle with a guy who works in an Applebees kitchen and wears a Stormtrooper helmet.  We know we’ve been promising you a huge Rauhauser story, but this is what we’re fucking doing instead.  Because news and stuff. This is the evildoer.  An Applebees employee, people.  Your neighborhood bar and grill is a haven for leftists, people.  Leftists who get us thrown into Twitter gulag.  

That’s not all: we have a source on this guy. This source told us the following: 

But the most useful thing we actually learned, is that RJ is… how should I put this? Not that important, but still connected enough to do damage with TwitterGulag. He’s not like, Shoq’s right-hand woman or anything. But you can definitely tell that RJ idolizes Shoq. Also, RJ’s modest network of followers is very different than the top leftist’s. RJ is, quite simply, a fucking nerd. He’s an “election year radical”, if ya know what I mean. He doesn’t pound a consistent, unrelenting political message 24/7.

He mostly uses the internet to hit on 21 year-old girls (he’s like 45, btw)  by playing the “nice guy” card; and decrying the wickedness of ”the patriarchy”. He also is obsessed with aquarium fish, airplanes, flowers (yeah, fucking girly, I know), and above all: comics. So while RJ is extremely connected to the top brass over on the left, he uses social media to connect to thousands of disgruntled fellow virgins on a platform of mutual loserness. This is crucial: RJ is not important because he’s making decisions, or giving orders. He’s important because he relays and amplifies the words of shoq, subculture, lizardoid, etc. to the nerd community. He’s nothing but a lackey– but a lackey who uses whining victimhood to motivate his devoted followers (mostly ignorant young girls) to come to his rescue.

And like any good lackey, 48-year-old! (He lists his age as that on a MySpace account) RJ is skilled at the art of deception to do his masters bidding:

It’s also the way he trolls people that is highly suspicious, and could leave a lot of room for B/R attacks. He doesn’t actually confront people often. Or, he didn’t, before the gulag fiasco emboldenend him. No, RJ’s preferred (and cowardly) method of trolling is to scan through #tcot, looking for bios he doesn’t like. Then he posts screenshots (without @’ing the person) on his TL, with a whiny tirade about how terrible that person is for not believing in socialism. *snort* THAT is very suspicious as well. RJ knows that he can get in trouble by @’ing random people. A LOT of people have been trolled by one of RJ’s followers and then tracked it back to his TL. When people see that he screenshot their tweets/bio and mocked it to a bunch of people, they naturally tweet @ RJ, and tell him to fuck right off and stop being a little bitch. Then, of course, he blockreports them.

It’s absolutely baiting behavior.

Another thing you’ll catch him doing is including his other accounts in a tweet. When you hit the “reply all”… he reports you as an unsolicited mention from the 2nd account. It’s cheap bullshit, and RJ has TONS of accounts he uses only for trolling and spam reporting.     

There is a STRONG correlation between this guy screenshotting your tweets, and you going to the gulag within an hour.

So much win it hurts to be us.  We are totally awesome here at The Benches, and our role as the vanguard of the battle against Leftism is unquestionable.