Mission Objective

Those who fight in the trenches aren’t interested in or motivated by promises of glory, reward for party loyalty, or the accolades of our peers. We are here to get into Internet pissing matches with other people.

We are here to ensure America’s survival. We believe in the freedoms guaranteed by the United States Constitution, especially freedom of speech as it relates to our right to defame and slander others. We believe what most media outlets have forgotten–that freedom of speech and a free press need not kowtow to the whims of the government or the fads of society such as ethics, decency, and making provable accusations as opposed to reckless insinuations.

We believe that truth will out, even if truth is unpopular or uncomfortable. But if we can’t make the truth we believe in as paranoid lunatics out, we’ll just go online and make slanderous insinuations about our truth, because it is our truth.  We know our truth, and it is our truth.  The ends justify the means in serving that truth, because it is our truth, and our truth is the right truth and the only truth that is true and relevant.

We believe in the free market’s proven ability to provide for its participants, to be regulated by the needs of the buyer, and to create prosperity for the nation that dares to embrace it fully. At least one of us has been evicted multiple times in that market because he could or would not pay for the supply as it related to the demand where his housing was concerned.

We believe that all elected officials must be held to the same standards of private citizens, unless those private citizens are us. No elected official should be able to lie or make unproven accusations which cannot be substantiated with documentary evidence. Only we can do that.

We exist to serve the people of the United States, not any personality–including our own. That is, unless you associate with people that Brooks Bayne does not like or approve of, because we exist to serve Brooks’s personality. Brooks is our fearful leader, and if you are tweeted to by Lee Stranahan or Trevino, we hate you because Brooks hates them.  If you go on Lee’s show, you are likely a leftist, a communist, a possible sexual deviant, and a total fraud.

We in the trenches will fight encroaching Leftism to the last man. We will call it out wherever it is found, and we will attack it from the ground, even if it turns out to be a phantasm or a product of our paranoid imaginations after we fail to take our afternoon dose of Haldol.


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